J.Klingler Arts

J. Klingler, Fine Artist Based in Zürich

J. Klingler CV

Modern impressionsim is what the painter Jürg Klingler stands for today. Jürg Klingler (*1960) has been working on behalf of his own ideas since 1980 in Winterthur. Without ever achieving a certain status as an art painter and by loosing interest in art generally, he went into the private sector as a programmer in 2000.

Since 2016, he has resumed his painting in Zurich. Accordingly he has gained interest in art again. His works, classified as figurative painting, can be seen continuously in various exhibitions.
In spring 2019, JK moved into a new studio in the trendy Wipkingen district of Zurich.

In 2023, he declares the points of rules of his painting style.